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Five Rules to Get Climax with Kolkata Escorts for real Satisfaction

We are going to start this article with data that reveal a bit how the situation is so that we do not feel alone in this: Only in 63% of their sexual encounters (including encounters with Kolkata escorts), women reach the climax, while 10% have never experienced a partner orgasm or self-stimulation. We are sharing such rules that you can apply into your sexual life for real satisfaction.

After having established this statistical confidence base (47%! Thank goodness we are not alone) we can speak without complexes of a topic that alters more than one man. Indeed, that the woman has an orgasm depends on many circumstances, among which is, of course, her own mentality and predisposition to arrive. Do not be obsessed with reciprocity, naturalness at the time of carrying it out is more than advisable. Kolkata call girls are good teachers for these tasks, perhaps because you do not feel so committed to the result.


It is possible, especially if you are as susceptible as a server, that it has crossed your mind to blame yourself for what happened. Maybe you think that you do not practice sex well or that you do not like the woman you are doing it with. But above all you must know that it bothers them just as you cannot reach the climax and that in many cases it is the cause of a mental block with which you can not do anything.

So, we are not at fault? You are right. At least yes in part. There are different ways to make a woman reach orgasm or help her achieve it, which not only means a happy ending for both, but the consideration as a better lover of women. In the case of maintaining an encounter with escorts in Kolkata, the pressure is much lower, since the norm is to satisfy you, and not so much to give satisfaction.

We started with something easy and that many people also escape. We have been breathing since ... well, since we were born (if not, we would be worrying about something much more serious) but very few men value the quality of keeping a synchronized breathing in the sex to increase the excitement with Rituparnadas as a couple.

Get Focus on Vizag call girls for Sexual Relationship

It's about breathing at the same pace as the escorts in Vizag you're having sex with, starting with a slow, sensual breath, towards a faster and fiercer as the arousal increases. This will create the sensation of climax through the most basic senses, such as hearing and touch, transmitting this state of euphoria between the two. We went into the subject of head to prepare to use that tool that we only used to finish the ice cream cones, when we were children, and then we discovered that we were better to use skillfully: the language.


Oral sex is one of the most important factors for a sexual relationship to be pleased. In the case of men, many make the mistake of focusing too much on the organ, since it is better to play it safe, right? Well, no. It is true that the most sensitive erogenous zone of the Vizag call girls is in the organ, but that does not mean we should camp there and leave the rest of the field unexplored. Women feel pleasure in the organ even though we are stimulating other areas of their crotch. There are many sensory connections that connect directly to the escorts and cause pleasure to the woman.

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